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Technical & Recognition of Prior Learning Experience (RPE)

CENTEXS adopts Public Private Partnership (PPP) concept to ensure its technical training programs are providing the necessary skills for new graduates. The collaboration between public agencies and private industry is essential to achieve the goal of PPP. Currently, CENTEXS has established smart partnership with 10 companies for technical training programme. Through this smart partnership, CENTEXS will strive to achieve 100% employability of our competent graduates.

The CENTEXS programme offers a wide range of Technical Training Programme opportunities for students to study with minimum duration of 3 months to a maximum duration of 15 months. All qualifications for technical training programme conducted at CENTEXS are based on industry requirements.

As part of Community Development, CENTEXS also conduct Community Technical Outreach Programme (CTOP) for community where all the programmes are based on demands from the community. The duration of CTOP is of a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 5 days without training fees, no age limit and no minimal qualifications needed. Through CTOP, it also provides the visibility of CENTEXS programme throughout the communities.

Apart from Technical Training Programme and CTOP, CENTEXS also offers programme called Recognition of Prior Experience (RPE). RPE is collaborating with Workforce Development Unit (WDU) on the execution of Single Progression System (SPS). The Single Progression System was renaming to Sarawak Industrial Skill Certification (SIS-Cert) in October 2016. The standard for the SIS-Cert is produced by the People Matrix Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. that was appointed by the WDU.

Currently, SIS-Cert System has 6 trades, there are as follows: -

  • Mechanical
  • Cellular telecommunication
  • Ship building
  • Construction
  • Port operation
  • Palm oil mill

Aside from the SIS-CERT, RPE team will also be collaborating with SARA-X to provide RPE certificates for SARA-X Merchants. The potential services have been identified namely Grass Cutting, Wiring, Cleaning, Tailoring, Runner, Hair and Beauty and other services.